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Elevate Your Brand with Custom Embroidery

Experience unparalleled quality, vibrant designs, and timely delivery with LogoWear Express–where your brand comes to life.

Welcome to LogoWear Express, Arizona's go-to solution for expertly crafted custom embroidery. Our team is devoted to meticulously translating your designs into high-quality, embroidered apparel that embodies the essence of your brand.

Tailored Process for Superior Results

Our embroidery journey begins with digitizing your logo or design into a stitch file that our advanced embroidery machines can execute flawlessly. The process involves analyzing your artwork, creating an outline, deciding the needle path, adjusting thread density, and placing underlay stitches. This intricate step forms the cornerstone of our work, ensuring an exceptional end product.

While embroidery has certain limitations compared to print, such as difficulties with small lettering, tiny details, and gradients, our team excels at overcoming these challenges. We consult closely with you, offering professional advice to simplify and optimize your design for the best embroidery outcome. All it takes is a call, and we'll guide you through every step.


Quality Embroidery, Diverse Applications

LogoWear Express offers more than just custom embroidery. We're a one-stop shop for screen printing and promotional products, providing a comprehensive solution for your branding needs. Be it intricately embroidered apparel or captivating promotional items, our services help you create lasting impressions.


Committed to Your Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on delivering superior quality, precise embroidery that stands the test of time. By combining premium threads, sophisticated machinery, and rigorous quality checks, we guarantee embroidered items that accurately represent your vision. Furthermore, we respect your timelines, ensuring efficient service and timely delivery across the continental U.S.

Ready to Get Started?

Transform your vision into compelling apparel with LogoWear Express's custom embroidery services. 

Our Work

 At LogoWear Express, our experts collaborate with you to shape innovative and striking solutions tailored to your brand's needs.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

 At LogoWear Express, our experts collaborate with you to shape innovative and striking solutions tailored to your brand's needs.

Our Customers Love Us


Embroidery  FAQs

What type of design works best for embroidery?

Embroidery is best for designs that are not overly intricate and don't have a lot of small text. It's perfect for logos, monograms, and other simple designs.

What types of products can you embroider on?

Embroidery can be done on various items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, towels, and more.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

The minimum order size for embroidery is 6 pieces.

What is the turnaround time for an embroidery order?

Typically about 10-14 business days

Can I provide my own items for embroidery?

Yes, under customer discretion. Logowear Express is not liable to replace any damaged goods not purchased at LogoWear Express. We strive not to have accidents happen, but sometimes the situation is beyond our control.

What file format should I provide for my design?

We can take any files for embroidery. 

How should I care for my embroidered items?

To maintain the embroidery's quality, wash the items in cold water, avoid bleach, and hang dry or tumble dry on low. Ironing the item inside out is also best to avoid direct heat on the embroidery.

How can we help you with embroidery?